Co Wicklow, August 2018

Camping is always a great idea, but it never really delivers.

It sounds cool, camping out under the stars. But then you have to change in a tent, wait for a shower (if you're on a proper site) and hope nothing leaks. 

And waking up hungover is never a good thing. 

Anyway, we went camping. 


After we realised we forgot pegs, then borrowed pegs and a mallet, we went out for a walk. 

The following day, we went to Lough Tay, where they shoot some of Vikings. It's private property, so we just hiked around the mountains and looked down.

I couldn't choose my favourites, so there are a lot of photos here. 


We moved on a little higher for even better views of Wicklow

The next day brought a walk up the Sugar Loaf. Lotta climbing involved. 

Ferdia MooneyComment